Guest of Honor

This year, that guest of honor is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a nation with a deep-rooted and rich cultural tapestry. In coordination with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, Saudi’s Ministry of Culture prepared an integrated cultural program that includes thought, literature, cinema, art, music, media and history, among others to showcase and immerse one’s self in the unique Saudi cultural identity.


Book Signing

The Bahrain International Book Fair features a large number of book launches by renowned authors and writers from Bahrain and abroad taking place at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities’ Pavilion.



To celebrate and promote cultural achievements in the field of literature, the Bahrain International Book Fair features three awards that will be announced at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities’ Pavilion, and they are: The Bahrain Book Award, Mohammed Al-Banki Award for Cultural Person of the Year, and the Bahrain Pearl Award.


Cultural Participations

Advocates of culture have collaborated to create a full-fledged cultural program in the 18th edition of the Bahrain International Book Fair, from the tens of thousands of new titles and publications from around the region and the world that cover a broad range of interests and age groups, to the special guest of honor and wide array of accompanying activities, the fair delivers an enriching experience for all its visitors.


Kids Corner

This year, the Kids Corner collaborates with Salman Cultural center to offer young ones plenty of special events and activities that aim to spark a lifelong passion for reading, including book readings, workshops, creative writing techniques, theatrical shows, and so much more.